Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Commit 854c63d3 authored by Marcos Gutierrez's avatar Marcos Gutierrez Committed by Roger Pueyo Centelles
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Fix output path on single package build

Close #22
parent d51b5464
......@@ -233,8 +233,9 @@ build_pkg() {
echo "-> Building package $pkg on sdk $sdk"
make -j$J V=$V -C $sdk package/$pkg/{clean,compile,install} && {
echo "-> Build of $pkg successful"
local pkg_file=$(find $sdk/bin/packages -type f -name "${pkg}*.ipk")
cp -f $pkg_file $output_dir/
local pkg_path=$(find $sdk/bin/packages -type f -name "${pkg}*.ipk")
local pkg_file=$(echo $pkg_path | awk -F/ '{print $NF}')
cp -f $pkg_path $output_dir/
echo "-> You can find it on $output_dir/$pkg_file"
} || echo "-> Build error, see full output using V=s J=1 ./cooker <options>"
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