Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Commit b3d7bddc authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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Remove duplicate nslm5-xw profile

Signed-off-by: default avatarRoger Pueyo Centelles <>
parent 3e7bd8f9
SUPPORTED_PROFILES="alfa-nx alix bullet cf-wr800n cpe510-520-v1 dir-810l \
dragino2 lamobo-r1 linkit7688 mc-mac1200r microwrt miwifi-mini \
rb-nand-large-ac nslm5-xw nsm2 nsm5 nsm5-xw nslm5-xw pico2 rb921gs-5Hpacd-15s \
rb-nand-large-ac nslm5-xw nsm2 nsm5 nsm5-xw pico2 rb921gs-5Hpacd-15s \
rbwapg-5hact2hnd rb-nor-flash-16M-ac rocket-m rocket-m-xw rs rspro soekris45xx \
tl-2543-v1 tl-mr3020-v1 tl-mr3040-v1 tl-wa7510n-v1 tl-wdr3500-v1 tl-wdr3600-v1 \
tl-wdr4300-v1 tl-wdr4310-v1 tl-wdr4900-v1 tl-wr703n-v1 tl-wr740n tl-wr743nd-v1 \
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