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    [qmp-system] Fix viface for 2.4 GHz 80211s_aplan radios · b45499e1
    Roger Pueyo Centelles authored
    On first boot, routers with a single 2.4 GHz radio had it auto-
    configured as 80211s_aplan, with interface wlan0 as 80211s and
    wlan0ap as AP. However, the wlan0 interface was wrongly considered
    as being inside the virtual interface (viface) "lan" instead of
    "mesh_w0". This was a corner case in the qmp_get_virtual_iface()
    function, which ultimately made rescue_ip 169.254.x.y to be
    incorrectly assigned to "br-lan" instead of "mesh_w0".
    Fixes #481.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRoger Pueyo Centelles <>
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