Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

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    * Add support for ADHC_AP mode · f5a083d3
    p4u authored
    * Add support for WPA encryption in AP mode
    * Add smart autoconfiguration of network interfaces (lan, mesh and wan)
    * Adds support for 802.11b networks (channel 6b)
    * Add network auto-configuration system to select WAN/LAN/Mesh ifaces depending on devicec
    * Improve the Wifi auto-configuration (smarter decisions)
    * Improve the Wifi templates system (now split in ifaces/devices)
    * Upgrade bmx6 to the last version with tunnel creation on-demand
    * Clean and improve the LUCI web interface
    * Small fixes/improvements found in the way
    Merge branch 'adhoc_vap' into testing
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