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Make default qmp config file nicer and well documented

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# qMp main config file. Visit for more info.
# -----------------------------
# Network interfaces definicion
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'interfaces'
# option 'configure_switch' '' # (deprecated) (uncomment line if available, e.g. WGT634U)
option 'lan_devices' '' # will be used for LAN
option 'wan_devices' '' # will be used for WAN
option 'mesh_devices' '' # will be extended by vlan tag for by uses as Mesh
# option 'no_vlan_devices' '' # interfaces which won't be vlan tagged
# option 'ignore_devices' '' # interfaces to ignore
# Devices for LAN (bridged in br-lan and dhcp-server will be enabled).
option lan_devices ''
# Devices for WAN (dhcp-client will be enabled).
option wan_devices ''
# Devices used for Meshing, by default they will be extended with VLAN tag.
option mesh_devices ''
# Devices that will be excluded of the VLAN tagging.
option no_vlan_devices' ''
# Devices that will be ignored (to manage them manually).
option ignore_devices ''
# -----------------------------
# Node specifics configuration
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'node'
option 'primary_device' 'eth0'
option 'community_id' 'qMp'
option 'community_node_id' ''
option 'key' '/tmp/qmp_key'
# The MAC address of the primary device will be used for calculate ID.
option primary_device 'eth0'
# The node name (human readable).
option community_id 'qMp'
# The node id (2 hex digits). Leave blank to use crc16 from MAC address.
option community_node_id ''
# Temporay key file for session (autogenerated in each boot).
option key '/tmp/qmp_key'
# -----------------------------
# Firmware upgrade system
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'update'
option 'url' ''
option 'images' 'IMAGES'
option 'devices' 'DEVICES'
option 'filter' 'sysupgrade'
option 'preserve' '/etc/config/qmp /etc/shadow /etc/passwd /etc/rc.local /etc/firewall.user /etc/dropbear /etc/config/b6m-spread /etc/qmp/.birth'
# Remote URL where the firmware images are placed.
option url ''
# Special remote file which contains a list of firmware:md5hash.
option images 'IMAGES'
# Special remote file which contains a list of device:hash.
option devices 'DEVICES'
# Filter to look for specific firmware images.
option filter 'sysupgrade'
# List of files which are gonna be saved between upgrades.
option preserve '/etc/config/qmp /etc/shadow /etc/passwd /etc/rc.local /etc/firewall.user /etc/dropbear /etc/config/b6m-spread /etc/qmp/.birth'
# -----------------------------
# L3 roaming mode options
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'roaming'
# Each node assings a non-overlapping DHCP IPv4 ranges over a /16 network on lan device
option 'ignore' '0'
option 'dhcp_offset' '2'
option 'qmp_leasetime' '1h'
# Enable/disable roaming mode.
option ignore '0'
# DHCP offset for the dhcp server.
option dhcp_offset '2'
# Leasetime for dhcp server.
option qmp_leasetime '1h'
# -----------------------------
# Networking options
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'networks'
option 'dns' ''
option 'lan_address' ''
option 'lan_netmask' ''
#option 'publish_lan' '0' # deprecated
option 'mesh_protocol_vids' 'olsr6:1 bmx6:2' # means olsr6 use vlantag 10+1, bmx6 use vlantag 10+2
option 'mesh_vid_offset' '10'
option 'rescue_prefix24' '169.254' # rescue network prefix, the 16 missing bits are taken from device MAC
option 'olsr6_mesh_prefix48' 'fd01:0:0'
option 'olsr6_ripe_prefix48' '2011:0:0'
option 'bmx6_mesh_prefix48' 'fd02:0:0'
option 'bmx6_ripe_prefix48' '2012:0:0' # suffix is autoconfigured based on community_node_id
option 'bmx6_ipv4_prefix24' '10.202.0' # last 8 bits are autoconfigured based on MAC
# option 'bmx6_ipv4_address' '' # specify it if you want to have a specific IPv4 address
# option 'wan_metric' '2048' # metric for WAN interfaces (default: 2048)
option 'netserver' '1'
# DNS servers which will be configured.
option dns ''
# LAN address and netmask (will be assigned to br-lan).
option lan_address ''
option lan_netmask ''
option disable_lan_dhcp '0'
# Rescue IPv4 network prefix (/16 bits).
# Missing 16 bits are taken from primary device MAC.
option rescue_prefix24 '169.254'
# IPv4 main IP address for the mesh cloud (if blank it will be autogenerated).
# In community mode it may be the same assigned to LAN (network prefix can be specified).
option bmx6_ipv4_address ''
# IPv4 autogeneration main prefix (used if bmx6_ipv4_address not specified).
option bmx6_ipv4_prefix24 '10.202.0'
# Protocols and VLAN offsets.
option mesh_vid_offset '10'
option mesh_protocol_vids 'olsr6:1 bmx6:2'
# IPv6 prefix for internal mesh usage (ULA).
option bmx6_mesh_prefix48 'fd02:0:0'
option olsr6_mesh_prefix48 'fd01:0:0'
# IPv6 prefix for public internet (48 bits).
# Suffix is autoconfigured based on primary device MAC.
option olsr6_ripe_prefix48 '2011:0:0'
option bmx6_ripe_prefix48 '2012:0:0'
# Metric for WAN interfaces (dhcp client).
option wan_metric '2048'
# Enable bandwidth tests.
option netserver '1'
# -----------------------------
# Wireless general configuration
# -----------------------------
config 'qmp' 'wireless'
option 'driver' 'mac80211'
option 'country' 'SP'
option 'bssid' '02:CA:FF:EE:BA:BE'
option driver 'mac80211'
option country 'SP'
option bssid '02:CA:FF:EE:BA:BE'
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