Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Commit 4b4f359a authored by Axel Neumann's avatar Axel Neumann
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Revert "Back to old bmx6 configuration. Closes #255."

This reverts commit d1b99c38.
parent 47aac3b7
......@@ -917,14 +917,10 @@ qmp_add_qmp_bmx6_tunnels()
config_get type "$section" type
if [ "$type" = "offer" ]
# Future configuration
uci set $config.$name="$bmx6_type"
uci set $config.$name.$bmx6_type="$name"
qmp_translate_configuration qmp $section network $config $name $bmx6_type
# Future configuration
#qmp_translate_configuration qmp $section network $config $name
qmp_translate_configuration qmp $section network $config $name
qmp_translate_configuration qmp $section bandwidth $config $name
# if [ "$type" = "search" ]
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