Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

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Removed TODO file which is not longer used (redmine instead)

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- change option "name" for "essid"
- ESSID should depends on channel
- after removing /qmp_configured and having changed driver
to madwifi autoconf scripts system ignores that.
In fact the decision wheter it loads madwifi or mac80211
depends on whether the qmp/network option mesh_devices
has wlan* or ath* names in the list
- felix patches must be checked: and here:
currently the patch instructions in the HOWTO fail!!!!!!
- Make sure firewall is really disabled !!!!!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!
- The vlan problem with mac80211 drivers:
vlan interfaces for ath9k are created as vlan12@wlan1
NO vlan interfaces for ath5k devices are created.
Off the record:
## PAU ##
- this is off the record...
## AGUSTI ##
- Configuration eth0 in ipv4. Change by default?
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