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Commit 51e43dd4 authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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[qmp-system] Join network settings in a single page with three tabs:

 · Basic settings (currently broken)
 · Wired interface (previously "Network settings"; unmodified)
 · Wireless interfaces (unmodified)
 · Advanced network settings (unmodified)
parent 069f6f31
......@@ -38,13 +38,15 @@ function index()
entry({"qmp","status"}, template("admin_status/index"), "Status", 2).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration"}, cbi("qmp/easy_setup"), "Device configuration", 4).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","easy_setup"}, cbi("qmp/easy_setup"), "qMp easy setup", 1).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","basic"}, cbi("qmp/basic"), "Basic settings", 2).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network"}, cbi("qmp/network"), "Network settings", 3).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network","advanced"}, cbi("qmp/network_adv"), "Advanced network settings", 1).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","wifi"}, cbi("qmp/wireless"), "Wireless settings", 4).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","services"}, cbi("qmp/services"), "qMp services", 5).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","gateways"}, cbi("qmp/gateways"), "qMp gateways", 6).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","easy_setup"}, cbi("qmp/easy_setup"), "qMp easy setup", 10).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","basic"}, cbi("qmp/basic"), "Basic settings", 20).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network"}, cbi("qmp/network_basic"), "Network settings", 30).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network","basic"}, cbi("qmp/network_basic"), "Basic settings", 31).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network","wired"}, cbi("qmp/network_wired"), "Wired interfaces", 32).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network","wireless"}, cbi("qmp/network_wireless"), "Wireless interfaces", 33).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","network","advanced"}, cbi("qmp/network_adv"), "Advanced settings", 34).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","services"}, cbi("qmp/services"), "qMp services", 40).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","configuration","gateways"}, cbi("qmp/gateways"), "qMp gateways", 50).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","tools"}, call("action_tools"), "Tools", 5).dependent=false
entry({"qmp","tools","tools"}, call("action_tools"), "Network testing", 1).dependent=false
......@@ -63,7 +65,7 @@ function action_status()
local ipv4 = qmp.get_ipv4()
local hostname = qmp.get_hostname()
local uname = qmp.get_uname()
local version = qmp.get_version()
local version = qmp.get_version()
......@@ -83,4 +85,3 @@ end
function action_map()
qMp - Quick Mesh Project -
Copyright © 2011-2017 Fundació Privada per a la Xarxa Oberta, Lliure i Neutral,
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
local sys = require("luci.sys")
local http = require "luci.http"
local util = require "luci.util"
local uciout = uci.cursor()
m = Map("qmp", "qMp basic network settings", translate("This page allows to configure the basic network settings qMp device, like the node mode or the mesh-wide public IPv4 address.") .. "<br/> <br/>" .. translate("You can check the on-line documentation at <a href=\"\"></a> for more information about the different options."))
-- Network mode change was requested, rebuild interface config and reload page
if m:formvalue("") then
-- Get new protocol
local ptype = m:formvalue("" % net:name()) or "-"
-- reload page
luci.http.redirect(luci.dispatcher.build_url("qmp/configuration/network/advanced", arg[1]))
-- Node mode --
node_mode = m:section(NamedSection, "roaming", "qmp", translate("Node mode"),
translate("The <em>node mode</em> option defines whether qMp makes the devices connected to the LAN interfaces of the node visible to the rest of the mesh network or hidden behind a NAT.") .. " " ..
translate("Static, long-term deployments such as <em>community networks</em> usually choose <em>public</em> mode, whereas quick, temporal or ephemeral deployments usually choose <em>natted</em> mode.") .. "<br/> <br/>" ..
translate("Choose an operating mode for this node:") .. "<br/> <br/>" ..
translate("· <em>public</em> mode, for making local devices connected to this node accessible from anywhere in the mesh network") .. "<br/>" ..
translate("· <em>natted</em> mode, for keeping local devices connected to this node hidden from the rest of the mesh by a NAT") .. "<br/> <br/>")
node_mode.addremove = false
roaming = node_mode:option(ListValue, "ignore", " ", translate("Select <em>public</em> or <em>natted</em> mode."))
nm_switch = node_mode:option(Button, "_switch")
nm_switch.title = translate("Really switch mode?")
nm_switch.inputtitle = translate("Switch mode")
nm_switch.inputstyle = "apply"
rv = {}
rv["0"] = translate("natted")
rv["1"] = translate("public")
local i, nm
for i, nm in pairs(rv) do
roaming:value(i, i.."-"..nm)
if i ~= uciout:get("qmp","roaming","ignore") then
nm_switch:depends("ignore", i)
-- Natted mode public IPv4 address --
if uciout:get("qmp","roaming","ignore") == "0" then
public_address = m:section(NamedSection, "networks", "qmp", translate("Mesh-wide public IPv4 address and network mask (natted)"), translate("TODO"))
public_address.addremove = false
-- Option bmx6_ipv4_address
nodeip = public_address:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_address", "Main IPv4 address", translate("TODO."))
elseif uciout:get("qmp","roaming","ignore") == "1" then
public_address = m:section(NamedSection, "networks", "qmp", translate("Mesh-wide public IPv4 address and network mask (public)"), translate("TODO"))
public_address.addremove = false
-- Option bmx6_ipv4_address
lanaddress = public_address:option(Value, "lan_address", "Main IPv4 address", translate("TODO."))
lanaddress.default = "10.30."..util.trim(util.exec("echo $((($(date +%M)*$(date +%S)%254)+1))"))..".1"
-- Commit
function m.on_commit(self,map)
-- http.redirect("/luci-static/resources/qmp/wait_long.html")'/etc/qmp/ configure_all > /tmp/qmp_control_network.log &')
return m
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