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Commit 54bcbb6c authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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[qmp-system] Update mesh mode to node mode in easy setup [WiP]

parent 95aa2c11
......@@ -29,16 +29,20 @@ local uciout = uci.cursor()
package.path = package.path .. ";/etc/qmp/?.lua"
qmpinfo = require "qmpinfo"
m = SimpleForm("qmp", translate("qMp easy setup"), translate("This page provides a fast and simple way to configure the basic settings of a qMp device.") .. " " .. translate("Use the form below to specify the required settings, such as mesh mode, naming, addressing and interface operation modes."))
m = SimpleForm("qmp", translate("qMp easy setup"), translate("This page provides a fast and simple way to configure the basic settings of a qMp device.") .. " " .. translate("Use the form below to specify the required settings, such as the node mode, name or identifier, IP address and interface operation modes.") .. "<br/> <br/>" .. translate("You can refer to the on-line documentation at <a href=\"\"></a> for more information about the different options."))
local mode_help
mode_help = m:field(DummyValue,"mode_help")
mode_help.rawhtml = true
mode_help.default = "<strong>"..translate("Mesh mode").."</strong>".."<br/> <br/>" .. translate("qMp devices can operate in two different modes, depending on the kind of network to deploy.").." "..translate("According to your needs, you can choose between")..":<br/> <br/> · " .. translate("<i>roaming</i> mode, for quick, temporal or ephemeral deployments") .. "<br/> · " .. translate("<i>community</i> mode for static, long-term deployments such as community networks") .. "<br /> <br >" .. translate ("In <i>roaming</i> mode, end-users' devices can roam between Access Points without losing connectivity. However, they are hidden from other devices in the mesh. In <i>community</i> mode, end-users' devices get an IP address accessible from anywhere in the mesh network.").."<br/> <br/>"
mode_help.default = "<strong>" .. translate("Node mode") .. "</strong>" .. "<br/> <br/>" ..
translate("Choose an operating mode for this node:") .. "<br/> <br/>" ..
translate("· <i><strong>public</strong></i> mode, for making local devices connected to this node accessible from anywhere in the mesh network") .. "<br/>" ..
translate("· <i><strong>natted</strong></i> mode, for keeping local devices connected to this node hidden from the rest of the mesh by a NAT") .. "<br/> <br/>"
translate("Static, long-term deployments such as <i>community networks</i> usually choose <i>public</i> mode, whereas quick, temporal or ephemeral deployments usually choose <i>natted</i> mode.")
netmode = m:field(ListValue, "_netmode","<strong>"..translate(" ").."</strong>",translate("Select <i>roaming</i> or <i>community</i> mode."))
nodemode = m:field(ListValue, "_nodemode","<strong>"..translate(" ").."</strong>",translate("Select <i>public</i> or <i>natted</i> mode."))
local networkmode
if uciout:get("qmp","roaming","ignore") == "1" then
......@@ -53,7 +57,7 @@ if uciout:get("qmp","roaming","ignore") == "1" then
......@@ -61,11 +65,11 @@ netmode.default=networkmode
local communityname_help
communityname_help = m:field(DummyValue,"_communityname_help")
communityname_help.rawhtml = true
communityname_help.default = "<strong>"..translate("Community network name").."</strong>".."<br/> <br/>"..translate("The name of the Community Network this device belongs to.").."<br/> <br/>"
local communityname = m:field(Value, "_communityname", " ", translate("Select a predefined Community Network or type your own name."))
communityname:value("Bogotá Mesh","Bogotá Mesh")
communityname:value("DigitalMerthyr","Digital Merthyr")
......@@ -128,13 +132,13 @@ end
local roaming_ipaddress_help
roaming_ipaddress_help = m:field(DummyValue,"roaming_ipaddress_help")
roaming_ipaddress_help.rawhtml = true
roaming_ipaddress_help.default = "<strong>"..translate("IP address and network mask").."</strong>".."<br/> <br/>"..translate("Specify here an IP address for this device.").." "..translate("In roaming mode, all qMp devices in a mesh network need a unique IPv4 address.").." "..translate("If unsure about which one to select, leave the field blank and a random one will be assigned automatically.").."<br/> <br/>"
local nodeip_roaming = m:field(Value, "_nodeip_roaming", " ",
translate("Main IPv4 address for this device.").." "..translate("Leave it blank to get a random one."))
local rip = uciout:get("qmp","networks","bmx6_ipv4_address")
......@@ -154,20 +158,19 @@ nodeip_roaming.datatype="ip4prefix"
local community_addressing_help
community_addressing_help = m:field(DummyValue,"community_addressing_help")
community_addressing_help.rawhtml = true
community_addressing_help.default = "<strong>"..translate("IP address and network mask").."</strong>".."<br/> <br/>"..translate("Specify the IP address and the network mask for this device, according to the planification of your community or your network deployment.").." "..translate("End-user devices will get an IP address within the valid range determined by these two values.").."<br/> <br/>"
local nodeip = m:field(Value, "_nodeip", " ",
translate("Main IPv4 address for this device."))
nodeip.default = "10.30."..util.trim(util.exec("echo $((($(date +%M)*$(date +%S)%254)+1))"))..".1"
local nodemask = m:field(Value, "_nodemask"," ",
translate("Network mask to be used with the IPv4 address above."))
nodemask.default = ""
nodemask:value("", " (/24, 254 hosts)")
nodemask:value("", " (/25, 126 hosts)")
......@@ -272,9 +275,9 @@ end
function netmode.write(self, section, value)
function nodemode.write(self, section, value)
local device_name = devicename:formvalue(section)
local mode = netmode:formvalue(section)
local mode = nodemode:formvalue(section)
local nodeip = nodeip:formvalue(section)
local nodemask = nodemask:formvalue(section)
local nodeip_roaming = nodeip_roaming:formvalue(section)
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