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Commit 64e8f8ad authored by p4u's avatar p4u
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Remove some obsolete options

Chane some option name and descriptions to make them more clear for the user
parent abeb900a
......@@ -30,46 +30,44 @@ eth_section = m:section(NamedSection, "networks", "qmp", "Interfaces", "Interfac
eth_section.addremove = False
-- Option: DNS
eth_section:option(Value, "dns", "Nameservers","Define the nameservers to use")
eth_section:option(Value, "dns", "Nameservers",translate("Define the nameservers to use."))
-- Option: lan addresses
eth_section:option(Value, "lan_address", "LAN address","IPv4 address for LAN interfaces")
eth_section:option(Value, "lan_address", "LAN address",translate("IPv4 address for LAN interfaces."))
-- Option: lan addresses
eth_section:option(Value, "lan_netmask", "LAN netmask","IPv4 netmask for LAN interfaces")
eth_section:option(Value, "lan_netmask", "LAN netmask",translate("IPv4 netmask for LAN interfaces."))
-- Option: publish lan
eth_section:option(Flag, "publish_lan", "Publish LAN", "Publish LAN network through the mesh")
--eth_section:option(Flag, "publish_lan", "Publish LAN", "Publish LAN network through the mesh")
-- Option: disable dhcp
eth_section:option(Flag, "disable_lan_dhcp", "Disable LAN DHCP", "Disable DHCP server in LAN network (not recommended)")
eth_section:option(Flag, "disable_lan_dhcp", "Disable DHCP from LAN",
translate("Disable DHCP server in LAN network (not recommended)."))
-- Option bmx6_ipv4_address
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_address", "IPv4 address for BMX6","IPv4 address used for BMX6 (main address)")
-- Option olsr6_ipv4_address
eth_section:option(Value, "olsr6_ipv4_address", "IPv4 address for OLSR","IPv4 address used for BMX6 (main address)")
-- Option: olsr6_ipv4_prefix24
eth_section:option(Value, "olsr6_ipv4_prefix24", "IPv4 prefix for OLSR","IPv4 prefix used for OLSR network (used if olsr6_ipv4_address not defined)")
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_address", "Main IPv4 address",
translate("IPv4 address used for bmx6 (main address). Leave blank to randomize."))
-- Option: bmx6_ipv4_prefix24
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_prefix24", "IPv4 prefix for BMX6","IPv4 prefix used for BMX6 network (used if bmx6_ipv4_address not defined)")
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_prefix24", "Random-IPv4 prefix 24",
translate("Used to calculate the IP if it is not defined in the field before (example: 10.40.50)."))
-- Option: bmx6_ripe_prefix48
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ripe_prefix48", "IPv6 prefix for BMX6","IPv6 prefix used for BMX6 network")
-- Option: olsr6_ripe_prefix48
eth_section:option(Value, "olsr6_ripe_prefix48", "IPv6 prefix for OLSR","IPv6 prefix used for OLSR network")
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ripe_prefix48", "Main IPv6 prefix",
translate("If you have a global IPv6 48bits prefix, specify it here. Otherwise leave it blank."))
-- Option: netserver
nts = eth_section:option(ListValue, "netserver", "Permit bandwidth test","If enabled all nodes will be able to perform bandwidth tests with your node")
nts = eth_section:option(ListValue, "netserver", "Permit bandwidth test",
translate("If enabled all nodes will be able to perform bandwidth tests with your node"))
-- Option force_internet
fint = eth_section:option(ListValue, "force_internet", "Force internet","Just use it if you want force the system to share/unshare internet")
fint = eth_section:option(ListValue, "force_internet", "Force internet",
translate("Usese it if you want force the system to share/unshare Internet (not recommended)"))
......@@ -78,18 +76,21 @@ fint:value("0","no")
-- Non overlapping
overlapping_section = m:section(NamedSection, "non_overlapping", "qmp", "DHCP overlapping configuration", "DHCP overlapping configuration")
overlapping_section = m:section(NamedSection, "non_overlapping", "qmp",
translate("DHCP roaming", "DHCP roaming IPv4 overlapping configuration"))
overlapping_section.addremove = False
ignore = overlapping_section:option(ListValue, "ignore", "Overlapping dhcp","If enabled each node will give a different DHCP range")
ignore = overlapping_section:option(ListValue, "ignore",
translate("DHCP roaming","If yes, the DHCP roaming will be enabled. Each mesh node will give a different /24 to the LAN clients from the same /16."))
-- Option: dhcp_offset
overlapping_section:option(Value, "dhcp_offset", "DHCP offset","DHCP offset to calculate the first IP to give")
overlapping_section:option(Value, "dhcp_offset", "DHCP offset",
translate("Offset to calculate the first IP to give throw DHCP"))
-- Option: Leassetime
overlapping_section:option(Value, "qmp_leasetime", "DHCP leassetime","Leassetime for DHCP")
overlapping_section:option(Value, "qmp_leasetime", "DHCP leassetime",translate("Leassetime for DHCP"))
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