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Commit 84873e19 authored by p4u's avatar p4u
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Removed niit support and addapted functions for last bmx6 version

parent 4fb769d4
......@@ -407,14 +407,6 @@ qmp_configure_network() {
uci set $conf.niit4to6="interface"
uci set $conf.niit4to6.proto="none"
uci set $conf.niit4to6.ifname="niit4to6"
uci set $conf.niit6to4="interface"
uci set $conf.niit6to4.proto="none"
uci set $conf.niit6to4.ifname="niit6to4"
local primary_mesh_device="$(uci get qmp.interfaces.mesh_devices | awk '{print $1}')"
local community_node_id
local LSB_PRIM_MAC="$( qmp_get_mac_for_dev $primary_mesh_device | awk -F':' '{print $6}' )"
......@@ -464,46 +456,8 @@ qmp_configure_network() {
uci set $conf.lan.netmask=$LAN_MASK
uci set $conf.lan.dns="$(uci get qmp.networks.dns)"
# Configuration of 4to6 tunnel interface per protocol
if qmp_uci_test qmp.interfaces.mesh_devices && qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.mesh_protocol_vids; then
for protocol_vid in $(uci get qmp.networks.mesh_protocol_vids); do
local protocol_name="$(echo $protocol_vid | awk -F':' '{print $1}')"
local TUNDEV="niit4to6_${protocol_name}"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV="alias"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.interface="niit4to6"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.proto="static"
if qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ripe_prefix48 ; then
local ripe_prefix48="$(uci get qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ripe_prefix48)"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.ip6addr="$(qmp_get_addr64 $ripe_prefix48:: $community_node_id ::1 64)"
if qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_address ; then
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.ipaddr="$(uci get qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_address)"
if qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_netmask; then
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.netmask="$(uci get qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_netmask)"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.netmask=""
elif qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_prefix24 && ! [ -z "$community_node_id" ] ; then
local ipv4_suffix24="$(( 0x$community_node_id / 0x100 )).$(( 0x$community_node_id % 0x100 ))"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.ipaddr="$(uci get qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_ipv4_prefix24).$ipv4_suffix24"
uci set $conf.$TUNDEV.netmask=""
local counter=1
if uci get qmp.interfaces.mesh_devices && uci get qmp.networks.mesh_protocol_vids && uci get qmp.networks.mesh_vid_offset; then
......@@ -648,8 +602,10 @@ qmp_configure_bmx6() {
#Configuring the tunnel to search 10/8 networks
uci set $conf.nodes10="tunOut"
uci set $conf.nodes10.tunOut="nodes10"
uci set $""
uci commit $conf
# /etc/init.d/$conf restart
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