Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Commit 99f302d6 authored by Simó Albert i Beltran's avatar Simó Albert i Beltran
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Remove unneeded greps introduced in commit:5bee2835 to optimize.

parent 5bee2835
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ end
function qmpinfo.get_ipv4()
local ipv4 = {}
local ipv4_raw = util.exec("ip -4 a | grep inet | grep -v bmx6_ | awk '{print $2}'")
local ipv4_raw = util.exec("ip -4 a | awk '/inet/&&!/bmx6_/{print $2}'")
for _,v in ipairs(util.split(ipv4_raw)) do
if #util.trim(v) > 1 then
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