Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Commit a769cbf2 authored by Agustí Moll Garcia's avatar Agustí Moll Garcia
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Fix error in Makefile from qmp-big-node package

parent 132fc866
...@@ -59,23 +59,9 @@ define Package/qmp-big-node ...@@ -59,23 +59,9 @@ define Package/qmp-big-node
endef endef
define CommentsAndOptions
+qmp-quagga +qmp-quagga-bgpd +qmp-quagga-ospfd +qmp-quagga-zebra \
+qmp-quagga-zebra +qmp-quagga-watchquagga \
+luci-mod-freifunk-community \
+olsrd +olsrd-mod-txtinfo +olsrd-mod-httpinfo +olsrd-mod-watchdog +olsrd-mod-arprefresh \
+olsrd-eigennet +olsrd-eigennet-mod-dyn-gw +olsrd-eigennet-mod-httpinfo +olsrd-eigennet-mdns +olsrd-eigennet-mod-arprefresh +olsrd-eigennet-mod-txtinfo +bmxe +bmx-uci-config \
+eigennet-autoconf \
+wpa-supplicant-mini \
+hostapd-mini \
define Package/qmp-big-node/description define Package/qmp-big-node/description
Addons for big qmp nodes (8MByte flash or more) Addons for big qmp nodes (8MByte flash or more)
endef endef
$(eval $(call BuildPackage,qmp-big-node)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,qmp-big-node))
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