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Commit a8bf32fe authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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[qmp-system] Migrate to new UCI network model (V)

The character replacement ( "." => "_") is not needed here anymore.
Furthermore, it breaks network configuration on switched Ethernet

Fixes #495.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoger Pueyo Centelles <>
parent f71f9ddd
......@@ -398,7 +398,9 @@ qmp_configure_mesh() {
qmp_set_vlan $dev $vid $viface
dev="$(echo $dev | sed -r 's/\./_/g')"
# This is not needed anymore, and caused virtual devices to be incorrectly assigned (fixes #495)
# dev="$(echo $dev | sed -r 's/\./_/g')"
# Configure IPv6 address only if mesh_prefix48 is defined (bmx6 does not need it)
if qmp_uci_test qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_mesh_prefix48; then
local ip6="$(qmp_get_ula96 $(uci get qmp.networks.${protocol_name}_mesh_prefix48):: $primary_mesh_device $ip6_suffix 128)"
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