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Commit aad32fe8 authored by Pau Escrich's avatar Pau Escrich
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Add hook for wrtnode to set up wlan0 only in mesh mode (ap+adhoc not supported)

Add new option to enable dhcp server in mesh interfaces (so dhcp client to adhoc devices is possible)
parent 98a9f3d9
# Stage = [birth|firstboot|anyboot|preconf|postconf]
[ "$STAGE" == "firstboot" ] && {
echo "Configuring adhoc wifi device for WRTnode"
uci set qmp.interfaces.mesh_devices="wlan0"
uci set qmp.interfaces.lan_devices="eth0"
uci set qmp.networks.disable_mesh_dhcp="0"
uci set qmp.@wireless[0]=wireless
uci set qmp.@wireless[0].mode=adhoc
uci set qmp.@wireless[0].device=wlan0
uci commit qmp
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ config 'qmp' 'networks'
option lan_address ''
option lan_netmask ''
option disable_lan_dhcp '0'
option disable_mesh_dhcp '0'
# Rescue IPv4 network prefix (/16 bits).
# Missing 16 bits are taken from primary device MAC.
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ qmp_set_mss_clamping_and_masq() {
# Prepare config files
qmp_configure_prepare_network() {
local toRemove="$(uci show network | egrep "network.(lan|wan|mesh_).*=interface" | cut -d. -f2 | cut -d= -f1)"
echo "Removing current network configuration"
qmp_log "Removing current network configuration"
for i in $toRemove; do
uci del network.$i
......@@ -479,6 +479,21 @@ qmp_configure_dhcp() {
qmp_uci_set_raw dhcp.lan.ignore="0"
# Set dhcp server in mesh devices if enabled
if [ "$(qmp_uci_get networks.disable_mesh_dhcp)" == "0" ]; then
local dev
for dev in $(qmp_get_devices mesh); do
local vif="$(qmp_get_virtual_iface $dev)"
[ -n "$vif" ] && {
qmp_log "Configuring dhcp server for mesh device $dev/$vif"
qmp_uci_set_raw dhcp.$vif="dhcp"
qmp_uci_set_raw dhcp.$vif.interface="$vif"
qmp_uci_set_raw dhcp.$vif.leasetime="10m"
qmp_uci_set_raw dhcp.$vif.ignore="0"
qmp_bmx6_reload() {
......@@ -40,11 +40,15 @@ eth_section:option(Value, "lan_netmask", "LAN netmask",translate("IPv4 netmask f
-- Option: publish lan
--eth_section:option(Flag, "publish_lan", "Publish LAN", "Publish LAN network through the mesh")
-- Option: disable dhcp
eth_section:option(Flag, "disable_lan_dhcp", "Disable DHCP in LAN",
-- Option: disable dhcp lan
eth_section:option(Flag, "disable_lan_dhcp", "Disable DHCP server in LAN",
translate("Disable DHCP server in LAN network (not recommended)."))
-- Option: disable dhcp mesh
eth_section:option(Flag, "disable_mesh_dhcp", "Disable DHCP server in MESH",
translate("Disable DHCP server in MESH network devices."))
-- Option bmx6_ipv4_address
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ipv4_address", "Main IPv4 address",
translate("Main IPv4 address used in bmx6. Leave it blank to get a random one."))
......@@ -57,7 +61,6 @@ translate("Network prefix used to calculate a random IP address if the field abo
eth_section:option(Value, "bmx6_ripe_prefix48", "Main IPv6 prefix",
translate("If you have a global IPv6 48bits prefix, specify it here. Otherwise leave it blank."))
-- Option force_internet
fint = eth_section:option(ListValue, "force_internet", "Force internet",
translate("Use it if you want force the system to share/unshare Internet (it is recommended to leave it as disabled)"))
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