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Commit abeb900a authored by p4u's avatar p4u
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Add the adhoc_ap mode available in the web interface

parent 6cfddeb8
......@@ -44,10 +44,10 @@ end
s_wireless_main = m:section(NamedSection, "wireless", "qmp", translate("Wireless general options"), "")
s_wireless_main.addremove = False
-- Driver selection
driver = s_wireless_main:option(ListValue, "driver", translate("Driver"))
-- Driver selection (deprecated)
--driver = s_wireless_main:option(ListValue, "driver", translate("Driver"))
-- Country selection
country = s_wireless_main:option(Value,"country", translate("Country"))
......@@ -56,10 +56,11 @@ country = s_wireless_main:option(Value,"country", translate("Country"))
bssid = s_wireless_main:option(Value,"bssid","BSSID")
-- Button Rescan Wifi devices
confwifi = s_wireless_main:option(Button, "_confwifi", translate("Reconfigure"),translate("Rescan and reconfigure all devices. This option requieres reboot. <br/>Use it just in case you have added or changed a device."))
confwifi = s_wireless_main:option(Button, "_confwifi", translate("Reconfigure"),
translate("Rescan and reconfigure all devices. <br/>Use it just in case you have added or changed a device."))
function confwifi.write(self, section)"rm -f /qmp_configured; /etc/init.d/qmp_autoconf start")"qmpcontrol reset_wifi")
......@@ -81,16 +82,17 @@ for _,wdev in ipairs(wdevs) do
-- Mode
mode = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"mode","Mode")
mode:value("adhoc_ap","AdHoc + AP")
mode:value("ap","Access Point")
mode:value("none","Not used")
-- Name
s_wireless:option(Value,"name","Wireless name")
s_wireless:option(Value,"name","ESSID", translate("Name of the WiFi network"))
-- Channel
channel = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"channel","Channel")
channel = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"channel","Channel",translate("WiFi channel to use in this device.\nSelect +/- for 40MHz channel. Select b for 802.11b only"))
mymode = m.uci:get("qmp",wdev,"mode")
for _,ch in ipairs(qmp.get_channels(mydev)) do
......@@ -98,11 +100,12 @@ for _,wdev in ipairs(wdevs) do
if ch.ht40p then channel:value( .. '+', .. '+') end
if ch.ht40m then channel:value( .. '-', .. '-') end
if < 15 then channel:value( .. 'b', .. 'b') end
-- Txpower
txpower = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"txpower","Power")
txpower = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"txpower","Power",translate("Choose the transmit power (each 4 number the power is doubled)"))
for _,t in ipairs(qmp.get_txpower(mydev)) do
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