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Commit b2dea2ae authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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[qmp-system] Fix BMX6 Graph page

Adapt new luci-app-bmx6 package's bmx6-graph.js file to qMp. Nodes now appear
on the topology graph page, but links are only shown with qMp trunk, not with

Partial fix for #446
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoger Pueyo Centelles <>
parent f1d40048
# Move the BMX6 entry to a menu in the qMp page
uci set luci-bmx6.luci=bmx6
uci set"qmp Mesh"
uci set luci-bmx6.luci.position=3
uci set luci-bmx6.luci.json="exec:/www/cgi-bin/bmx6-info -s"
uci set luci-bmx6.luci.ignore=0
uci commit luci-bmx6
# Update BMX6's JSON graph to match the new location of the BMX6 menu
if [ -f $FILENAME ]; then
sed -i 's|/cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/BMX6/topology|/cgi-bin/luci/qmp/Mesh/topology|g' $FILENAME
exit 0
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