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Commit b4e41b83 authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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[qmp-system] Remove [EXPERIMENTAL] tag from 802.11s wireless modes

parent 6355b2c5
......@@ -238,13 +238,13 @@ nodedevs_wifi = {}
for i,v in ipairs(devices.wifi) do
wmode = m:field(ListValue, "_"..v.."_mode", translatef("Wireless interface <strong>%s</strong>",v))
wmode:value("adhoc","Ad hoc (mesh)")
wmode:value("80211s","[EXPERIMENTAL] 802.11s (mesh)")
wmode:value("80211s","802.11s (mesh)")
wmode:value("ap","Access point (mesh)")
wmode:value("client","Client (mesh)")
wmode:value("aplan","Access point (LAN)")
wmode:value("clientwan","Client (WAN)")
wmode:value("adhoc_ap","Ad hoc (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
wmode:value("80211s_aplan","[EXPERIMENTAL] 802.11s (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
wmode:value("80211s_aplan","802.11s (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
wmode.default = "adhoc_ap"
......@@ -91,13 +91,13 @@ for _,wdev in ipairs(wdevs) do
-- Mode
mode = s_wireless:option(ListValue,"mode","Mode")
mode:value("adhoc","Ad hoc (mesh)")
mode:value("80211s","[EXPERIMENTAL] 802.11s (mesh)")
mode:value("80211s","802.11s (mesh)")
mode:value("ap","Access point (mesh)")
mode:value("client","Client (mesh)")
mode:value("aplan","Access point (LAN)")
mode:value("clientwan","Client (WAN)")
mode:value("adhoc_ap","Ad hoc (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
mode:value("80211s_aplan","[EXPERIMENTAL] 802.11s (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
mode:value("80211s_aplan","802.11s (mesh) + access point (LAN)")
-- Channel
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