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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/luci-static/resources/qmp/logo.png" /></a>
<h2>About qMp</h2>
<li>QMP is firmware for embedded network devices based on OpenWRT GNU/linux operating system</li>
<li>It provides an easy way to set up networks using MESH it doesn't matter your they are either wired or WiFi or a mix of both</li>
<li>It is a fast and reliable way to extend an Internet uplink to end-users</li>
<p>Quick Mesh Project (qMp) is a system for easily deploying Mesh/MANET networks using Wi-Fi technology.</p>
<p>qMp has been designed for being used in any scenario such as free community networks, corporative networks, large social events, quick network deployments, etc. You can read <a href="">here</a> about how it works.</p>
<p>The qMp firmware, based on OpenWrt GNU/Linux, works on many embedded WiFi network devices. You can get the compiled binaries for your device <a href="">here</a>. All the qMp source code is public, free and open, and can be accessed from the <a href="">development website</a>. If you want to join the project and contribute with your code, you can <a href="">learn more</a> on how to start contributing on qMp.</p>
<br />
<p>Visit our web page for more information: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> </p>
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<strong>Version:</strong> <%=string.sub(version,2,-3)%>
<strong>Version:</strong> <%=string.sub(version,2,-3)%>
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