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Commit 14fbe20e authored by Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatar Roger Pueyo Centelles
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Don't check for error after ListMapKeys()

ListMapKeys() does not return any error, so the one from the previous
ReadMap() was being reevaluated.
Signed-off-by: Roger Pueyo Centelles's avatarRoger Pueyo Centelles <>
parent d407a874
...@@ -415,9 +415,6 @@ func TestMapListMapKeys(t *testing.T) { ...@@ -415,9 +415,6 @@ func TestMapListMapKeys(t *testing.T) {
t.Fatal(err) t.Fatal(err)
} }
keyList := mapV.ListMapKeys() keyList := mapV.ListMapKeys()
if err != nil {
for _, expected := range []MapEntryKey{ for _, expected := range []MapEntryKey{
{[]byte("counter"), CRDTType_COUNTER}, {[]byte("counter"), CRDTType_COUNTER},
{[]byte("reg"), CRDTType_LWWREG}, {[]byte("reg"), CRDTType_LWWREG},
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