Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

Unverified Commit 9db3df4b authored by Cameron Sparr's avatar Cameron Sparr
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Set a random source seed to avoid ID conflicts

closes #14
closes #33
parent 28a88d08
......@@ -83,17 +83,18 @@ func NewPinger(addr string) (*Pinger, error) {
ipv4 = false
r := rand.New(rand.NewSource(time.Now().UnixNano()))
return &Pinger{
ipaddr: ipaddr,
addr: addr,
Interval: time.Second,
Timeout: time.Second * 100000,
Count: -1,
id: rand.Intn(math.MaxInt16),
id: r.Intn(math.MaxInt16),
network: "udp",
ipv4: ipv4,
Size: timeSliceLength,
Tracker: rand.Int63n(math.MaxInt64),
Tracker: r.Int63n(math.MaxInt64),
done: make(chan bool),
}, nil
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