Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

  1. 06 Nov, 2018 4 commits
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      patch: compare identifier for non-root access icmp (#32) · 28a88d08
      Lincoln Thurlow authored
      Commit d046b245 introduces a bug which causes ping to always fail.
      The source of this bug is:
      	// Check if reply from same ID
      	body := m.Body.(*icmp.Echo)
      	if body.ID != {
      		return nil
      Which due to the selection of requires that SetPrivileged is
      set to true.  In the case where Privileged (i.e == udp)
      it is left to the kernel to set the ICMP id.
     Discusses the introduction of
      non-setuid-less ping.  The kernel implementation for this
      interface dictates using the local port, which gets mapped into
      the ping_table struct.  There is no current implementation in the
      go icmp library to address this problem directly.
      To address this issue, I've added a `Tracker` field for `Pinger`
      as well as `IcmpData` datastructure to allow for uniquely tracking
      icmp requests.  The id (as with the `id` field) is not unique,
      but will statistically rare for duplicates.
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      Include adddress in Packet (#38) · 687023bd
      Ben Kochie authored
      Include the original address in the Packet type for use in
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      Update sample code, README, and circle v2 (#42) · 74b9e0e9
      Cameron Sparr authored
      Update sample code, README, and circle v2
    • Xie Zhenye's avatar
      remove signal handler, add Stop method (#10) · 667d0a66
      Xie Zhenye authored
      * remove signal handler, add Stop method
      * Added ICMP Packet ID to distinguish ICMP replies
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