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# Monidote
## monidote-fetch
The _**[monidote-fetch][55b7aa32]**_ application downloads a [Community Network Markup Language (CNML)][d78b1e3b] file from the [ website][b095f739] —or uses a local one—, parses it and uploads the contents to an AntidoteDB instance, updating any previous contents.
This program is meant to be called periodically (e.g. via `cron`), to fetch an up-to-date CNML file, process it and perform anauthoritative update to the database —or databases— the actual monitoring software has access to.
[55b7aa32]: monidote-fetch.go "View the monidote-fetch package source code"
[d78b1e3b]: "The CNML page on's English Wiki"
[b095f739]: " website"
[64da06da]: ../assets/cnml "CNML assets' folder including sample files"
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