Developing lightweight computation at the DSG edge

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......@@ -98,7 +98,14 @@ The `monitors` *set* in the `guifi` *bucket* is an `array` of `strings`, each `s
$ curl localhost:3000/set/read/guifi/monitors
When started, each of the monitoring instances register to the system by adding their `ID` to this *set*.
##### guifi (bucket) => checksum (LWW<sup>1</sup> register)
The `checksum` *LWW register* in the `guifi` *bucket* is a `strings` containing the *SHA256 checksum* of the CNML data fetched from the website and pushed to the database. For example:
$ curl localhost:3000/register/read/guifi/checksum
#### device-i (bucket)
The `device-i` bucket, where `i` is the numeric `ID` of a device in the `guifi/devices` set, contains the information about a device:
......@@ -116,7 +123,8 @@ The `monitors` *set* in the `device-i` *bucket* is an `array` of `strings`, each
$ curl localhost:3000/set/read/device-26932/monitors
##### device-i (bucket) => graphserver (LWW<sup>1</sup> register)
##### device-i (bucket) => graphserver (LWW register)
The `graphserver` *LWW register* in the `device-i` *bucket* is a `string` containing the ID of a monitor the device is assigned to **in the** website (i.e., not automatically assigned by the monitoring application, but done manually on the website, and included in the CNML). For example:
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